Commercial Loans

What makes us different?

We are a “make sense” lender in Spokane and will consider less than perfect borrowers.

  • Short sale
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Limited liquidity
  • Poor cash flow

Bottom line is we are willing to consider loans that most other lenders will not.


Eligible property types include:

  • Multifamily properties (5+ units, loans from $300,000 and up)
  • Student housing
  • Mobile home parks
  • Small residential, non-owner occupied properties with 2 to 4 units. Eligible borrowers are entities only such as LLC, Partnership, and Trust.


We will consider deals that other lenders will not. If you have a commercial loan request that has already been turned down by another lender, we may be the right fit for the deal. We are generally looking at $1 million minimum loan size but will consider smaller deals on a case-by-case basis at lower leverage. Loans up to $10 million.

Please call me to discuss your loan.

Lake City Mortgage

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